Highly recommended: Trader Joe San’s Rice & Vegetable Bento Box

For those with a yearning for Asian food but not always able to visit your favorite Japanese Restaurant, I highly recommend Trader Joe San’s Rice & Vegetable Bento Box.

For a frozen food item, each of the options is really cooked well. It only takes a few minutes to warm up. My favorites are the eggplant, pumpkin, soba and tofu. Warning, the green beans are really hot.

The only complaint we had was that the plastic packaging that needs to be on securely for proper cooking was not secured on one of them, and it didn’t cook completely in the recommended time. You keep the plastic on in the microwave, but poke holes with a fork in each section, so it’s important that the edges are secured to achieve the proper steaming.

Still recommended, though.

Bento Box

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