Dan Unmasked Curriculum Guide

WARNING! Some spoilers ahead!

Developed to be core-aligned by the wonderful folks at Blue Slip Media, this curriculum guide appropriate for grades as low as 3rd and as high as 7th should be an invaluable resource for read alouds and classroom dissections of Dan Unmasked.

(Also available with loads of other resources on TeachingBooks.Net)

Included are:

  1. Over twenty penetrating discussion questions
  2. Classroom activity ideas and templates
  3. Character profile sheet
  4. Comic book / baseball action sounds (“POW!” “CRASH!”) worksheet
  5. What makes a hero? worksheet

Because the Discuss Questions in particular reveal some elements of the plot and may therefore serve as spoilers, we recommend reading the book first, then utilizing whichever elements of the guide resonate with you and your class.

Download the Dan Unmasked Curriculum Guide free today by clicking below!

NOTE: Book clubs may also find the Discussion Questions interesting!