Editing Services

Are you a fellow writer? Looking for someone to check over your query letter and give you feedback? Or perhaps a full developmental edit on your manuscript? I’ve decided to start taking on some clients in this area starting in 2021!

Query Letter Review

>> Single-page query letter feedback available for $50 / query.

I’ve had two agents in my career. My current one was obtained through the traditional cold query process. My first through a conference pitch. In each case, the materials I submitted were critical in conveying the compelling nature of my books. I can help you shape your query into one that will result in more requests.

Developmental Editing

>> Novel editing price proposed after review of sample chapter(s). 

With each published book working with not only my HarperCollins editor, but also my agent and critique partners, I have developed a deeper understanding of what makes stories work. I have also hired professional editors myself to hone my concepts and stories. I’d love to extend my experience to other writers earlier in the process, and will offer a fair price based on the amount of work I see necessary after reviewing a sample of your work.

Email me for more details!