Chris Negron
Photography by Bobbi Jo Brooks Photography

My earliest memory of deciding to be a writer comes from my best friend’s driveway, the day after another dramatic session of Dungeons & Dragons in his basement. I promised him I would write a novel based on the characters and stories we and the rest of our fellow adventurers were inventing together.

I read constantly, and back then writing a book myself seemed almost inevitable. As I grew older, however, I found I enjoyed writing something else, too – computer programs. I created my own game as a teenager (one of those text-based adventures) and soon found myself working summers in IT for a local manufacturing company.

At Yale University, I decided to major in Computer Science, but I continued to stay connected to writing by writing sports for the Yale Daily News. After starting my own business some years later, I finally found an opportunity to control my schedule more and begin writing again. My short stories had a great year in 2015 – ten were published, each by a different literary journal or online magazine.

I’m now a member of the Atlanta Writers Club and several critique groups. I love critique – it’s all part of shaping and molding a story or novel into the best it can be.

Dan Unmasked started as a labor of love for me – literally, write what you love – comics and baseball – and, after many revisions and through the input of lots of smart people, I’m so proud of final result. I’ve found my writing home in the Middle Grade genre, I love writing for kids, and I hope you find something of a home in the stories I’m able to share.

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