My apologies for the lack of updates….

…this is not the complete excuse, but the latest issue is I have broken my hand.

I promise to reset things shortly with a post linking in all of the podcasts that have been published since my last update, then resume my weekly updates from there.


In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of my splints.

Here’s the first one they gave me in the emergency room.
Emergency Room Splint

And here’s the one I am wearing now, and probably for the next six weeks or so. At least with this one, I can type again with more than one hand. (Though it’s just one finger on my right hand I can use).
Permanent Splint


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    Sorry Chris. I hope you feel better!!! Really you just need to come to Naples for some R&R!

  2. Reply

    You’re never going to make it in the professional boxing world with hands like that.

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