Of Kyudo and Chain Booksellers of the Year

Last night at kyudo practice, we were discussing test timing, partly in preparation for the upcoming 2011 American Kyudo Seminar, to be held in early August in Northfield, MN. “Test timing” is a way of conducting a rotation shoot that is done faster than normal because so many people have to be tested, usually in the space of one morning.

During last year’s seminar in Tokyo, several of the high ranking sensei demonstrated this timing and we found the video of it online. I remember watching this live – it was raining, as will become immediately apparent, but it was also freezing in Japan that day, really all week. Of course, rain or shine, hot or cold, at a seminar we are always required to wear the standard uniforms when we shoot, so short sleeves it was.

* * *

Meanwhile, over in the UK, they seem to have named a store called Sainsbury’s (which appears to be an equivalent to our Walmart or Target) as the “Martin Cole General or Chain Bookseller of the Year”. Odd folks those Brits can sometimes be. But then again, anyone who creates Doctor Who can’t be all bad.

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