Writing Podcast Update for Monday, June 6

Reminder to Writing podcasters…if your podcast is missing from the menu on the left, then I’m not checking your site for updates. Please leave a comment if you wish to be included!

For Monday, June 6:

  • Writing Excuses – Their June 6 update, 6.1 Can Creativity Be Taught welcomes Mary Robinette-Kowal, a frequent guest podcaster in the past, as the fourth official member of Writing Excuses. They dredge up an old topic that they felt wasn’t handled well in their very first podcast attempt: Can Creativity be Taught?
  • I Should Be Writing #203 – Mur again had two updates this week. Her first, Episode #203 – Feedback Show is one of her feedback shows, in which she answers, among others, questions about posting your novel online but still submitting it to editors and agents, the going rate on cover design for e-books, and the ever popular debate on prologues, including suggesting some alternatives such as dialog, flashbacks and interludes (I used this last one myself in the work I’m currently shopping).
  • I Should Be Writing #204 – Mur’s second update this week, Episode #204 – Myopia, James Melzer and Jennifer Hudock Interview features an interview with authors James Melzer and Jennifer Hudock, who talk quite a bit about e-books and e-publishing.
  • Reading and Writing PodcastEpisode 041 – this week’s interview by Jeff is with Jon Armstrong, the host of another of the podcasts I now follow, If You’re Just Joining Us.
  • Books on the NightstandBOTNS Book Podcast #131 features two engaging author talks from their retreat – Steve Hummer and Susan Gregg Gilmore
  • Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing – features an interview with Indiana Jim, who talks about his novellas, writing for a world originating from a trading card game, how the movie Labyrinth freaked him out, and even the San Francisco 49ers. Sorry, guys, not a fan of the Harbaugh hire. ;-)


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