You might be a writer if…

With apologies to both Jeff Foxworthy, I bring you six ways you might be a writer.

You might be a writer if…

  1. …you occasionally find yourself looking up the correct spelling of really important words like “appletini.”
  2. …you’re worried the things you Google in the name of research, like “Does metal explode a microwave?” and “How do you build a pipe bomb?”, might land you on an FBI watch list.
  3. …as you curse, you contemplate the word’s spelling and format. (“Is that one word or two?”)
  4. …you’ve ever excitedly joined a circle of conversation because you overheard the words “secrets to a great pitch,” only to be disappointed to find the group talking about baseball.
  5. …you don’t go on long walks for exercise or take drives with music playing for pure enjoyment. You don’t even shower to get clean (okay, maybe that one…). No, the true purpose of each of these activities is to get the “positive ions” flowing so you can solve the latest problem with your plot.
  6. …you immediately knew the movie I stole “positive ions” from and you love it too.

That’s all I got for now. Yours?

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