Decatur Book Festival excitement!

Decatur, GAWe’re inside of a week until the Decatur Book Festival this Labor Day weekend in Decatur, GA. Annually just about my favorite event of the year and a perfect cap to the summer.

This year we’ve reserved a hotel room at the Decatur Conference Center, in the middle of all of the activity, for the whole weekend, so that I don’t have to do six hours of driving (just about an hour each way for each of the three days of the festival) and can really just enjoy myself.

I’m looking forward to listening to a lot of great writing talks, networking, spending time at the Atlanta Writers Club booth, everything.

I’ve looked over the agenda and it appears I’ll be splitting my time for a lot of the sessions between the Decatur High School and the First Baptist Church, unfortunately the two venues that are furthest away from each other.

But I’m so excited, I don’t really care about the walking, and anyway all of the events are really close together. Even from the high school to the church is probably only ten minutes. Hope it’s not too hot!

As things get even closer later in the week, I’ll probably post one more time, but in the meanwhile, here are some links if you’re thinking about attending the festival or if you’re just plain interested.

  • Friday Writers Conference – things kick off for me on Friday afternoon at the Writers Conference. This will be my second year at this part of the festival. I had a great time last year and learned a lot.
  • Saturday Session Schedule – I’ve filled up my Saturday schedule with some great sessions. I won’t name which I’m going to, but if you spot me making the trek from the high school up to the First Baptist Church, stop and say hello.
  • Saturday Night – I’m hoping to find a great spot for dinner. There’re so many wonderful restaurants in Decatur, and I’m familiar with most of them since I spend a lot of time there for Kyudo. My favorite is Leon’s Full Service, but I’m guessing it’s going to be mobbed. We’ll see. There’s an outside chance I’ll try to get tickets to Eddie’s Attic that night, if there are any left. Leaving that one sort of open.
  • Sunday – I’m thinking Saturday might be a late night, so I’ll probably start Sunday by sleeping in a little, then maybe grabbing brunch. I might try the new diner they’ve opened right across from Leon’s – The Decatur Diner – haven’t been there yet, so I can’t quite vouch for it, but I’ve been waiting to give it a try. Then, it’s on to more sessions!

Hope to see you there!

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