Writing Podcast Update for Monday, May 16

This, I think, will be a regular feature of the blog. Hopefully every Monday.

Because each Monday morning I travel around the internet looking for which of my favorite writing podcast sites have issued updates, I might as well save you the trouble of doing the same.

So please return here each Monday to find out which writing podcasts have new updates, along with a short description and review of the content.

Writing podcasters…if your podcast is missing from the menu on the left, then I’m not checking your site for updates. Please leave a comment if you wish to be included!

For Monday, May 16:

  • Writing Excuses – Always dependable, their May 16 update, 5.37 Parody and Satire with Jim Hines discusses the difference between satire and parody and using both in your writing
  • I Should Be Writing – Mur reaches episode #200! and discusses her writing and professional status, ebooks and the listless feeling writers often feel after finishing a book.
  • Reading and Writing PodcastEpisode 038 features an interview with James Benn, who discusses his Billy Boyle World War II Mystery series.
  • Pen on Fire (Writers on Writing) – Finally, several updates were issued for Pen on Fire last week that unfortunately I haven’t had time to check out today. Give them a listen and let me know what you think in the comments:



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    Thanks for mentioning my podcast. I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

    I would also recommend Jon Armstrong’s podcast – If You’re Just Joining Us – http://www.ifyourejustjoiningus.com/

    Armstrong, a published writer himself, interviews a variety of writers, including all the Phillip K. Dick award nominees.

    And, while not strictly writing related, if you love books, I heartily recommend the Books on the Nightstand podcast – http://booksonthenightstand.com/



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      Jeff, thanks! I’ve listened to almost all of your podcast now, including the archives, though I only started following around episode 030. Thanks for all your hard work!

      I’ll definitely check out the other podcasts you recommend, and if I find them “worthy” (somehow, I suddenly feel like Elaine on Seinfeld – “Is he sponge-worthy?”), will include them on my weekly update and writing podcast roll!

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