January Update : #OneHundredMovies

I’ve taken the #OneHundredMovies challenge issued by @JoseMolinaTV on Twitter. The idea is simple: watch 100 full-length feature films – that you’ve never seen before – in the 2014 calendar year. This works out to 8-9 per month.

I’m going to do a blog post each month to let you know how I did the previous month, with some mini-reviews of the movies I chose.

After getting off to a good start in January, I stalled out, watching only a total of 7 movies. The problem? The last season of Dexter became available on NetFlix. Yep, that one killed me. But I’ve watched the whole season now, so I’m back in the saddle for February.

Quick reviews of the 7 films I saw:

Best movie I saw in January: Her

Worst movie I saw in January: A Good Day to Die Hard

And here, in alphabetical order, my mini-reviews. I’ll add to this list each month, maintaining the alphabetical order and bolding the new entries.

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