The Importance of Math (On The Imitation Game)

One of the first novels I ever outlined featured Alan Turing as a supporting character. Er, sort of the ghost of Alan Turing, actually. Possibly not my best idea.

I abandoned that project pretty early on, but the fact remains that Mr. Turing has long been one of my idols. His is one of those great minds whose ideas are credited with establishing the foundation upon which my chosen collegiate field of study – Computer Science – is built.

So I was really eager to see The Imitation Game this weekend. The fact is I’m always happy when something I know a lot about is turned into a book or movie for everyone else to enjoy. “Holy…! They’re making a Watchmen movie!” Or “I can’t believe someone is brave enough to try to turn Cloud Atlas into a film!”

It’s also true that most of the time I feel a little alone in my enjoyment of and admiration for these adaptions, so I’ve been glad to see The Imitation Game earning such wide acclaim, even nominated for a 2015 Oscar in the Best Picture category.

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