Colder. You’re getting colder. (Distance in fiction)

A lot of my photos feature distant subjects. Hmm.

Let’s talk about distance some. Sound good?

You remember that childhood game, right? You’re in a room searching for something hidden and another person knows where it is and as you get farther away, they say, “You’re getting colder.” And if you get closer, they say, “You’re getting warmer.”

(Apparently, there’s are a number of variations on this game with, like, nine thousand crazy names.┬áHuckle buckle beanstalk? Hot Buttered Beans? Really?)

There’s so much “distance” in fiction. There’s narrative distance and emotional distance. There’s the distance you should have from your subject matter and the distance you should give yourself from a draft before entering into revision.

Distance, distance, distance. Why so much? You’d think we writers were avoiding some things.

*Nervous laugh.*

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