“Denali” – Grand Central Review – Summer 2016 Issue

“Winter Ball”WhiskeyPaper

“We Crossed the Border” – Pithead Chapel

“The Pipe Bomb” – Split Lip Magazine – Issue 16, Fall 2015 – *Longlisted for Wigleaf’s Top 50 (very) Short Fictions 2016

“Time Lords” – DOGZPLOT Flash Fiction – November, 2015

“The Union Bank Times” – Spilled Milk Magazine – Launch Issue

“Sometimes It Goes Down the Wrong Way” – Synaesthesia Magazine – Atlas Issue, page 40

“Neon Orange” – The Vignette Review – AUTUMN//ISSUE 2//VOLUME 1

“Phlebotomy” – Pilcrow & Dagger – July 2015 issue

“Road Trip” – Torrid Literature Journal – Volume XIV, Chaos

“Card Games”Grand Central Review – Spring 2015 Issue

“Don’t Let Go” – 2nd place, Wild Card category, Atlanta Writers Club Fall 2012 Writing Contest

“The Pusher” – Literary Award of Merit, Dawson Country Arts, Art of Food exhibit



More writing! Stay tuned…



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